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Nancy Kirkendall - Member of the Month

Nancy joined DCM in 1973 and swam with the team in the second (ever) Long Course Nationals in Chicago where we won the first place team trophy. She served as president of DCM once before, in 1980. She started competitive swimming in high school and swam on the Ohio State University women's swim team. She swims freestyle and backstroke, most any distance. She has frequently made Top 10, but especially in years she was serious about working out.

Betty Griffin

Betty started swimming Masters at age 50 under the tutelage of the late DCM Dave McAfee. Her first meet was at Montgomery College. Betty has attended four Nationals. Her old favorite events are long distance freestyle swims, but she is currently not swimming because of rotator cuff injury (surgery’s scheduled for June). She made Top 10 several years in back and free, mostly in short course meters. (That was when no one else was swimming those events!) Her new favorite events are¼short ones. Betty is a current Red Cross Life Guard (just re-certified in November!) and Water Safety Instructor Trainer. She teaches swimming lessons, Life guarding classes, Water Safety Instructor classes, and volunteers for Red Cross, (mainly in CPR instructor classes). She is secretary and membership chair for Tuckahoe Recreation Club. Betty was a teacher “in real life” and will teach anything¼ loves to be in the classroom!

Barry P. Shay

Barry swam at the City College of New York and held records for the 100 fly and the 200, 440, and 1500 free. He was co-captain of the team his senior year. Barry has an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Northwestern and the University of Maryland, respectively. He joined DCM in 1973 and considers himself an “active competitor in local, regional, zone, and national meets”! Barry has numerous Top-10 finishes in distance freestyle events and has several relay All-American patches. His engineering career included positions in both the public and the private sectors, and he is currently retired. Never one to sit home, Barry’s other activities include serving as editor-in-chief of the Latvia SIG International Newsletter for Jewish Genealogy, traveling, bicycling, sea kayaking, and hiking. He is married and has two children and three grandchildren

Ann Svenson

Three years after learning to swim to compete in triathlons in Upstate N.Y., Secretary Ann Svenson joined DCM 20 yrs ago in the spring of 1984 when she began working out at Fun & Fitness in Arlington. She served on the Board as secretary from 1987 until Lucy Brown took over the job in the early 1990s. She then became newsletter editor and helped make the Wavemaker one of the first newsletters in the country to use desktop publishing. Ann coached Masters workouts at the Alexandria Y from 1988 until 1993, when she and husband Gust moved back to Upstate NY. In 1998 she left DCM to serve as chairman of the Adirondack LMSC. She rejoined DCM in 2001 and is back in her old job as secretary (with Lucy’s help). She is a nationally ranked distance swimmer and set three long distance national records in 2006, in the 1-mile cable, 2-mile cable and 6000-yard Postal. Her love of swimming carries into her work as “stroke editor,” teaching and coaching for Total Immersion. She and Gust now spend six months a year in Va. and six months in N.Y.

updated on 4/20/08

Lucy Brown

Lucy joined DCM in 1980 (the same year as Mary Lathram) and is now 73 years young. Here’s how she tells it: ”For the first several years, I did a lot of timing and worked with Eileen McAfee at the Awards tables at DCM events. I also was the Secretary for the DCM Board of Directors some years ago. Swimming has been a major boost to my health but more importantly, it brings me joy. I am definitely not a fast swimmer and I seldom wind up in the awards column. But I enjoy competing with myself and I LOVE structured workouts. When I work out and then compete, I have concrete evidence of how well my body is working and this brings me a great deal of self-satisfaction. I'm looking forward to more involvement with my fellow swimmers and rekindling the true spirit of Masters Swimming. . .the shared joy of commitment and meeting personal challenges, whatever they may be.”




Andrea Haines

Born and raised in Salem, Mass., Andrea competed with the Salem YMCA through high school. Her next competitive swimming experience was in the 1980s, when she was assigned Nancy Kirkendall as a duet partner in the DC Synchromasters, a Masters synchronized swimming team! She stumbled upon Ann Svenson’s workout at the Alexandria Y in the late 1980s and joined DCM, focusing on distance freestyle and backstroke. Andi discovered open-water events in the early 1990s and "the longer, the better" is her motto. Her longest swim is the 10K in Atlantic City, which she has swum twice—once at age 45 and once at age 55. She has two children: Meredith (UVA 2001) and Warren (Boston University 2006). Andrea works for The MITRE Corporation on a contract at the Federal Aviation Administration. She has degrees from Smith College and Stanford University.

updated on 4/21/08

Ken Flynn

joined DC Masters in 1981 and swam in the first SC Nationals 1983. Ken swam in high school and at Lehigh University. In the Navy, during his "instructor tour," he taught swimming and deep water survival, where his students included the first Mercury astronauts. Although his early swim career was all 50/100 freestyle, Ken found his love with Masters in breaststroke. Ken maintained Top-10 status from 1985 until 2003, when injury forced a reduction in his competition. He is working with the MDs to get the body back in shape for "age-up" in 2005!

Wavemaker editor

Ray Chen

Ray was one of the charter members of DCM in 1971 and remembers the first Masters meet held at American University. He swam on the freshman team at Harvard in 1951-52 as a walk-on, and after that he walked off swimming until 1971. Ray says he used to make Top 10 in breast, back, and IM but not for about 10 years. He has M.D. and Ph.D. degrees and worked at the National Institutes of Health as a biophysicist (in fluorescence spectroscopy) until retiring in 1994. He moonlighted as a general practitioner while there and worked in family practice and urgent care clinics after N.I.H. until 1999. Other sporting interests include skiing, duplicate bridge, tennis, table tennis, occasional jogging, and he did one triathlon.

Bill Cummings

Bill swam in college at Randolph Macon—doing freestyle and IM. He joined Masters in 1988 at the Alexandria Y and his initial foray into Masters competition was in sprint events. He went to his first nationals in 1992, Chapel Hill, where his coach (Ann Svenson) convinced him to try a longer distance. He swam the 1000 (along with sprints) and placed 8th in that event. He has since extended that favorite competitive distance to 4.4 miles and swims the Bay each year. Bill is a lawyer in Alexandria (who's occasionally seen on TV taking high-profile cases)